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Suleman & Wylie, LLP is a Dallas, Texas based certified public accounting firm formed by the merger of two accounting practices. Its partners and professionals have over 20 year’s extensive experience in the areas of both public and private accounting. The Firm provides tax, accounting, IRS representation and consulting services to clients throughout the United States.

The Internal Revenue Code contains 9,471 pages and 5.75 million words. Understanding and complying with complex tax laws and regulations is difficult and time consuming. Many business owners may pay higher taxes than necessary because they haven’t properly coordinated their business and personal tax plans. As today’s economy and competitive pressures place tighter constraints on businesses, strategic tax planning is more critical to business success theses days than ever before.

We offer a free initial consultation to enable you to get to know us and discuss the needs of your business. Whether you keep your financial records in a checkbook or a computer, we will support you with the financial expertise you need. Let us free up your time and remove some of your worries. Spend your valuable time doing what you do best, running your business.
Call us today at (214) 295-5251 and start keeping more of your hard-earned money today.